Government Services

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Successfully implementing cohesive programs that integrate the complex requirements of occupational health and safeguards and security is the unique expertise of NetGain. Since 1998, NetGain has supported the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) and its contractors spanning 13 sites across the country.

Successful performance of our contracts’ work scope requires NetGain to have in-depth knowledge of numerous federal mandates and DOE regulations including:

  • 10 CFR 707: Workplace Substance Abuse Programs at DOE Sites

  • 10 CFR 712: Human Reliability Program

  • 10 CFR 851: Worker Safety and Health Programs

  • 10 CFR 850: Beryllium Surveillance

  • 10 CFR 1046, Subpart B, Appendix A: Protective Force Personnel, Medical and Physical Fitness Qualification Standards

  • DOE O 470.4B: Safeguards and Security Program

  • DOE N 206.4: Personal Identify Verification

  • All pertinent OSHA regulations

  • All pertinent DOT regulations

Supported Government Agencies

Why Choose NetGain?

Achieving a complete fitness-for-duty synergy, mitigating risks, and producing good outcomes related to occupational health and safeguards and security is what NetGain does best.